*** CAUTION ***
Manufactured for short chambered 16 gauge Semi-Automatic guns. Recommend for Browning Sweet 16 A-5 and Remington Model 11.
This is considered a heavy load with a hotter powder.

Price is based on One Box of 25 Rounds.  There are 10 boxes in a case.

All sales are final.

We always recommend you check your State and City’s requirements regarding online purchases of ammunition. Due to new California legislation, we can only ship to FFL holders. Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois require us to have a copy of your firearm permit (FOID in IL) on file. You can email (info@rstshells.com).
Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

When I first ordered these 16ga A5 shells I didn’t know if they would have enough power to harvest a turkey . but after some target shooting I realized these shells pack plenty off power but still were lite on the shoulder . the proof was in the 18-1/2 lb turkey I took on first day of Missouri spring turkey season .I would have taken a 25 yard shot with confidence Joe