Our shells are safe to shoot in Vintage Guns. Even with Damascus and Twist Steel barrels!  (With the exception of the Pigeon loads, A-5, Heavy Hunting)

Of course after a reputable SxS gunsmith has given the OK.

Load Names

Lite These are the standard loads in each gauge, plastic hull and plastic wad.

Falcon Lite- These are a plastic hull and plastic wad as well, with a 7/8 oz shot load.

Ultra Lite These are our ¾ oz loads. Excellent for target loads. Not available in paper hulls. This is our lowest pressure load.

MaxiLite - This would be a lighter version of our 12 gauge 1 oz load.

PaperAny load with paper in the name will have a paper hull, they can have either a plastic wad or a fibre wad.

Fibre Wad Any load with fibre wad in the name will have a biodegradable felt/cardboard wad.

Paper Fibre WadYou guessed it! Paper hull with the biodegradable wad.

Spreader The wad in this load allows for a faster opening pattern. While it may very gun to gun, this load should open the pattern about a full choke.

Brush This is a petal-less wad that allows the pattern to open faster and keeps the gun truer to the choke.

WoodcockIn the 12, 16, and 20 gauges this is a spreader load with #10 shot. In the 28 gauge this is a brush load with #10 shot.

A-5 Not safe to shoot in Damascus barrels.  This load in 16 gauge was formulated especially for the older semi auto’s. A slightly hotter powder was used to generate enough pressure to cycle the recoil action and eject. These are the only shells that we offer for the Browning automatic.

Pigeon- These loads are hotter and heavier than our standard loads and are NOT recommended for vintage guns or Damascus Barrels.

Bismuth- This is our non-toxic load.  All safe to shoot in Damascus Barrels.

Best Grade vs Premium Grade- The Best Grade shells the short shells, 2”, 2 5/8”, 2 7/8” and 2 ½”. The Premium Grade is the 2 ¾” shells.

Paper vs Plastic- It is really a personal preference.  Although, there is nothing like nostalgia with the smell of paper.

Shot- We DO NOT use steel shot. Only lead, copper plated lead, or Bismuth.  It is US sizes.

Buck Shot- We DO NOT do buck shot. We do a low pressure shell for small game, target, clay, or skeet loads.

Pressures These are available by request call 570-553-1651 or email info@rstshells.com

Black Powder loads- We load with smokeless powder, NOT black powder. Many of our loads are black powder pressure equivalent or less.

Can I shoot a shorter length shell in my gun? The answer is YES. You can always use a shorter shell and NOT a longer one.

Modern Guns- Can I use these shells for my modern guns? Side by sides, over and unders and pump guns can use these shells interchangeably. Some of our loads may not generate enough recoil to cycle the actions of newer semi auto’s, this can vary gun to gun.

High vs Low Brass- High brass shells are thought to have more powder making them more powerful. This may have been true at one point, but no longer. With that said just ignore the brass length.

Ordering- How can you order these wonderful shells you ask? You can order online at www.rstshells.com, by phone at 570-553-1651, and email info@rstshells.com

Do you have to order case quantities? You do not. You can order by the box, the case or the pallet. But, the shipping will be a hefty fee if ordering 1 box.

Can I mix and match my order? You sure can, you can mix load, shot size and gauge. But, you will have to pay the box price as it is not cost effective to open cases.


We always recommend you check your State and City’s requirements regarding online purchases of ammunition. Due to new California legislation, we can only ship to FFL holders. Connecticut, New Jersey, and Illinois require us to have a copy of your firearm permit (FOID in IL) on file. Massachusetts requires LTC (License to Carry) or FID (Firearms Identification Card). You can email info@rstshells.com or fax 570-553-1690.

We use UPS ground to ship. UPS does not charge a Hazmat fee, but does charge by weight. You can always check the website on our list of dealers to see if there is a dealer in your area to save on some shipping costs. It is more cost effective to ship via the case vs the box.

Direct Sales/Pick UpWe do not have retail front on site.  Due to liability purposes we do not allow plant pickups or tours. 

Components- We do not offer sale of components.

I can’t find what I am looking for on the website- Just means that we are out of stock. Please pay attention to the ETA's on each load.

What shot for what game?


Lead / Copper Plated Lead / Bismuth

Woodcock, Snipe, Rail and small shore birds

8 to 10

Pheasant, Prairie Chicken, Rabbit, Squirrel (Grouse in the latter part of the season when ranges are longer)

4 to 6


2 to 4

Quail, dove, (Grouse during the early part of the season when ranges are short)

7½ to 8


2 to 4

Ducks, low

4 to 6

Ducks, high

2 to 4

Trap shooting

7½ to 8

Skeet shooting