I have been using RST shot-shells in my 20 gauge Browning Citori for 3 years now. Hunting both ruffed grouse and woodcock with your rounds. I am very happy with your ammunition and customer service. Feel free to post this photo on your web page! This grouse was shot with a 2 3/4" 20 gauge round loaded with 7/8 oz. of #9 shot. We were hunting woodcock and our Lab flushed the grouse.
~ Todd

Now that the bird season is winding down in New England, I finally have the time to report back about your new woodcock loads.
RST truly lives up to their motto, “Made for Shooters by Shooters”. Recall that we spoke at length about your #10 woodcock loads when you first introduced them two years ago. I suggested that use of a brushwad was in order to maximie the spread at the typical 10-15 yard shots presented by grouse and woodcock in thick cover. Alex, you listened and went one step better with the introduction of your #10 Woodcock spreader loads!
Using my Parker 20 ga choked .002 and Improved Cylinder, I found it difficult to miss woodcock over my setters even in the full foliage covers of early October in New Hampshire. One might consider this statement, a “by-product” of cattle raising. However, hunting 40 days out of the 45 day woodcock season in New England put your #10 spreaders to the test. The spread and pattern density, even when the hold was “a little off the mark”, tumbled the birds! We had multiple days during the season going 3 for 3 on woodcock over the dogs, never dirtying the left barrel. The loads were equally effective on close holding grouse over point--although #10’s aren’t recommended; the pattern density did the trick. Anyone hunting woodcock is “missing the boat” and more likely “missing the bird”, if they are not using your #10 spreaders for their first shot over pointing dogs. And, their pointing dogs will be better for it. Since, as you know, getting the bird for the dog when they handle the bird correctly is the most effective way of positively reinforcing training.
~ Mark

I wanted to say thanks for the Pigeon loads the other day. They are some hot tight patterning loads and at the end of the day I shot a 24, almost ha a 25 with a double tap but squeked out of the ring.
~ Mark

I live in Connecticut and ordered two cases of 2½ in 16 Ga. shells on Monday, changed it by email, got a phone call and on Thursday received the shells. Can’t think of anything else you could have done except carry them up and put them away in the gun room!
~ Fred

Thank you very much! The cartridges worked out excellently. Your products and service can’t be beat!
~ Scott

The flat of 12 Ga. Falcon Ultra Lites arrived on my town of Binghamton doorstep the afternoon after I placed my order with you. I shot a round of sporting clays with two friends Sunday morning and I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied. What great shells!
While no one is likely to confuse me with Capt. Harold Money of De Shootinest Gent’man fame, I shot my best score ever with nary an ache or pain. The Falcon Ultra Lites pattern beautifully and hit with authority. For the sake of comparison, I shot the last 2 stations with 2¾ inch 7/8 oz. Remington Game & Target loads. Forget about it. I’ll never willingly shoot anything but Falcon Ultra Lites at sporting clays again.
~ Jeff

I recently purchased 3 boxes of your 2.5" 16 Ga. shells and they functioned very well through my old A5 Browning. They also cronographed right at advertised velocity. They also arrived promptly.
~ Eric

Woodcock hate you guys! I was out of appropriate shells, you shipped them the next day after I ordered them, they were in Calais within 3 days. We have had wonderful shooting for the last two weeks here, more birds than we’ve seen for years. I couldn’t ask for better service.
~ Jeb

Shopping experience was great. Easy and I got the right stuff in short order... I think the box came the next day. Wonderful service and wonderful advice. I just got home from a two day pheasant hunt in western Ohio. These RST shells were great. I ran them through a recently acquired 1928 20 Ga. LC Smith side-by-side and they worked really well. I never got to use the second barrel and went 9 for 9 on “my” birds. Also got in on a double, two of us hit the same bird at the same time. It counts, so make it 10 for 10 out of a total of 15 bagged birds. My hunting buddies were impressed. I will continue to use your ammo in my old-timey guns. It gives me good feelings to know each shot is not doing the gun damage.
~ Tom

Just a quick note to tell you that I won the 2009 Iowa State Sporting Clays side by side division, hunter class using your RST shells in my Ithaca SKB Model 100, 20 Ga. Thanks for making such a great product!
~ Rick

I wanted to let you know I field tested the 7½ NiceShot at snipe yesterday. They are, unquivocally, the best cartridges I have ever used for snipe shooting. My pals, who normally take the rise out of me for my poor shooting, were all congratulating me.
~ Doug

I got my order today, exactly what I wanted and fast shipping also. This is not my first order and it won’t be my last. I really like your products... Best in the business.
~ Greg

Just wanted to let you guys know that I used your RST shells to win the NSCA Zone SxS Championship at Nemacolin Resort. Thanks for a quality shell!
~ Mike

I am just so amazed at how well your 12 Ga. 2½ Falcon Ultra Lites (¾ oz. of 8 shot) break clay birds out of my old parkers (both 12 and 10 Ga). I’m not a champion trap shooter by any measure, but I can keep up with most guys shooting 11/8 ounce loads out of modern guns... And I’m only throwing ¾ ounce of shot! They must yield super even patterns - that’s all I can surmise. Great stuff!
~ Jeff

I have been a fan of your shells for several years at this point. I was at a pheasant tower shoot in December using your 16 Ga. 1 oz. loads. the fellas in the tower asked me if I was using a 410 as the report was so mild and were amazed as I consistently made 40 to 60 yard shots and dumped the birds solidly. When I ran out of your shells I switched to Winchester Super X and ultimately Remington express loads. The recoil and report increased respectively and they performed not nearly as well.
~ Louis

I shot some of your 12 Ga. ¾ ounce Falcon Ultra Lites the other day... They are fantastic! I am so thrilled that I don’t have to shoot black powder shells and I don’t have to get beat up by heavy recoil! Best $100 I ever spent!
~ Jeff

I received my order of 250 2½ 16 Ga. shells a week or so ago. Shot three boxes in my old Browning Auto 5 this morning and was very pleased. I expect the gun had not been fired for more than 50 years. It was very important to me that I had the right ammunition so I didn’t wreck the gun. Not one problem. Good product.
~ Mark