Why can’t I find RST’s ammunition?
As you have seen, RST shells, especially 2 ½” shells can be difficult to find. Dealer shelves that were formerly filled with boxes of shells now have empty spots. Here are answers to your questions straight from RST Classic Shotshells.

Q: Is RST still making shells?
A: Yes, we continue shipping as quickly as possible. But the volume of low-pressure powder that we have been receiving is well below what we have seen in the past. The real problem behind empty dealer shelves is complicated but is related to shifting supply and demand challenges. As supply decreased in 2021, demand only increased.

Q: What is causing the supply challenges?
A: Quite simply, our manufacturing facility has not been able to get all components to load shells. In particular, the low-pressure powder is an issue. Additionally, military contracts began specifying powders in the last few years for military ammunition, impacting our supply. With expanded government regulation, shipping explosive and energetic materials has become more challenging, which also impacts available supply. Lastly, rapidly changing consumer preferences for different powder types has impacted both demand and supply. We contacted all supplier providers to help resolve open issues and expect powder supply to NOT improve in 2022.

Q: Is RST still in business?
A: Yes, RST has been in business (family owned) for years. We are here for the long haul and are doing everything we can to supply our shells to everyone.

Q: When will I start to see more shotgun shells in stock?
A: While RST will continue to ship as rapidly as possible, we have a significant backlog in demand. Some shells will be in stock more quickly, but we believe it will take much of the next couple of years to improve availability for shells.

Q: I have seen/heard many rumors and conjecture on ammo shortages with RST.
A: If you do not hear it directly from RST Classic Shotgun Shells, please be skeptical.