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Wooden Storage Box
Price: $35.00-$40.00

    These wooden boxes with our company logo printed on them store our boxes of shotshells perfectly. Available for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge for single case or double case of shotshells.

    RST Logo Hat
    Price: $15.00

      Available in green, tan, or orange.

      Sew on patch
      Price: $3.00

        RST Shell Logo Sew on Patch

        Price: $2.00

          RST Shell Logo Decal 4 x 6

          Big 45 FRONTIER Metal Cleaner Rust & Dirt Remover
          Price: $6.00

            Remove Rust from Gun Bluing and Clean Dirty Gun Bores Easy! A Must for Every Gun Dealer, Gunsmith, Shooter & Collector! “Harder than rust but softer than Gun Bluing.”How it works: Frontier Metal Cleaner looks a lot like a steel scrubbing sponge made up of thin coiled ribbons of metal. The coils are composed of a proprietary alloy containing stainless steel, nickel silver, monel (a corrosion resistant nickel based alloy), and zinc. The alloy is effectively “harder than rust but softer than...

            FLITZ Polish
            Price: $0.75

              Flitz Metal, Plastic & Fiberglass Polish Paste .07 oz (2 gr.)

              Accu-Riser Neoprene Cheek Pads
              Price: $20.00

                Soft 5mm Neoprene pad softens recoil and also helps correct guns with too much drop in the comb of the stock. Additional height pads available to insert under pad for additional height. Pad fastens to stock with elastic strap and velcro. Will not harm stock. Used by instructors everywhere to help their clients shoot better. Left and right available.

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